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Using advanced anti-aging therapies Elite will have you feeling younger in days. Just as weathermen describe our environment by measuring temperature, wind, and air pressure, scientists describe the environment of our bodies by measuring three conditions in our blood. These are:

  • Acidity or Alkalinity—pH (power of Hydrogen) level
  • Antioxidant power or Redox ( Reduction of oxidation) potential
  • Electrical conductivity

The "weather" report, which describes the overall environment of our cells, and which is based on the above measures, is called Biological Terrain. And, the instrument used to test body fluids is named the Biological Terrain Analyzer. The laboratory at Royal BodyCare has recently acquired this instrument and is currently conducting studies with it. When the biological terrain of our bodies is outside of the healthy range, our blood and body tissues are too acidic, we cannot function optimally at the cellular level, and we become more susceptible to cancer and other diseases as well as more rapid physical deterioration and aging. The incidence of many chronic and life-threatening diseases has increased in this century due to the consumption of over-processed, low-nutrient value foods and thousands of new chemicals invading our air and water. Our body fluids, and therefore, biological terrain, are affected negatively.
Scientists are discovering that the transport of hydrogen may be the missing factor in the search for the cause of aging and the secret to age reversal. As we grow older, our cells become dehydrated, and our "hydrogen" pool becomes depleted. This is also true of our body’s water content. As we get older, we start to "dry out," and the aging process begins to gain momentum. It is hydrogen that protects our cells from oxidative free radical damage. Virtually all longevity researchers agree that free radicals are responsible for the aging process. Elite offers cutting edge therapies to reverse this process.

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